Arthur Goldstuck

Books by Arthur Goldstuck

In addtition to his corporate and techno profile, Arthur Goldstuck is renowned and published author with several best sellers.

The award-winning writer, started out as a journalist and went on to work as editor or various magazines. With one of his highlight in the aspect of writing being the news editor of The Weekly Mail and South African correspondent for Billboard. He has been freelancing his writing talents to numerous local and international publication which eventually lead to publishing deal and books to follow.


The Ghost That Closed Down The Town
by Arthur Goldstuck (Oct 2, 2012)

Aardvark & the Caravan
by Arthur Goldstuck (Nov 25, 1999)

The hitchhiker's guide to the Internet: A South African handbook
by Arthur Goldstuck (1995)

The Rabbit in the Thorn Tree
by Arthur Goldstuck (Apr 25, 1991)